Skin Care

Leading-edge skin care treatments and procedures are no longer the domain of the rich and famous. Amawellness brings you world-class technology, customised skin treatments and professional personal guidance.

Founder, Ammarentia van der Meer, has sourced the most advanced international and local skin care products, treatments and technologies; combining this with her expert knowledge of nutrition to deliver powerful results from the inside out.





Care for your skin

1.  Skin Assessment

An in-depth skin assessment is the foundation of all Amawellness skin care treatments. Your skin assessment enables us to prescribe the best and most appropriate skin care treatments for your specific skin type and condition. As part of the skin analysis, you will also learn about your skin’s particular needs and receive a customised treatment plan for radiantly healthy skin. Amawellness utilises the latest technology for skin analysis and this yields intricate details of the skin’s pores, wrinkles or age lines, pigmentation, sebum, colour and tone; details which are not always visible to the naked eye. Despite our application of leading-edge technology, our skin analysis is provided as a free service provided that it is part of, or followed by a skin care treatment.

skin analysis

When booking your first facial treatment, inform our receptionist that it will be your first appointment so that she can allocate time for your free skin analysis. When a skin assessment is not combined with a facial treatment, it will be billed for, but the cost will be set off against any future skin care treatments.

Take advantage of our free skin assessment (Ts and Cs apply) to kick-start your journey toward a healthier skin and improved overall wellness!

2.   Products & Skin Treatments

At Amawellness, you are guaranteed of superior quality treatments. We specialise in results-driven acne, pigmentation and anti-ageing technology treatments. We also appreciate the importance of radiant, healthy and youthful skin and this is why we use the world-renowned, para-medical treatment such as Optiphi and RégimA.


All our skin care systems, are highly advanced and work with the skin as opposed to just sitting on top of the skin. Optimal skin function and your best glowing, beautiful youthful skin can be achieved, we will show you how. There are many treatments to choose from, a range of peels, unique enzyme treatments and microdermabrasion are just three options.

All the products that we use, from the paramedical skin care products to the rejuvenating aromatherapy products, are carefully selected for their ability to act on and revitalise your skin.
Danne Montague King
Danne Montague King

3.   Therapeutic Technology

The words technology and therapeutic are rarely combined in one sentence as the natural, healing and relaxing elements of therapy are not easily associated with technology. Amawellness uses a variety of technologies in therapy and our clients find them to be both natural and relaxing.

All of the therapeutic technologies used at Amawellness are natural (create no trauma or damage) and assist the skin to function more effectively. This is in keeping with our belief that nourishing body, mind and soul is a key part of promoting a healthy and revitalised skin.


Our technologies include Bio-therapeutic LED light therapy, the Bio-therapeutic nano non-surgical facelift for fine lines and sagging skin, the Bio-Therapeutic nano ultrasonic peel, and the dermagenesis medical micro-dermabrasion treatment.

At Amawellness, we firmly believe in the concept of layering technologies. This approach of using multiple, complementary technologies enables us to realise tangible results within a short time-frame. Through combining different technologies, we are able to address the specific needs of each of our clients in a comfortable and effective manner.