My one idea for today is to, allow DELIGHT to BE YOUR COMPASS,

What would happen if you put your ideas, to-do’s and opportunities, through your own personal filter of delight?

What would happen, if you closed your eyes and tuned into your body, and asked this simple question?

Would this ………………… delight me?


Would this ……………………leave me feeling drained, exhausted and tired?

Try it now…

You might be surprised with a definite NO! or perhaps a Hearty Full Body – YES.

Life moves fast. Yet there are times when we need to purposefully – go slow. Be a bit “ineffective, so that we can be effective in the long run”. This “ineffectiveness”gives our beautiful ideas some ‘white space’, that is wonderful for growth, our health and more delight in life.

Can you see yourself inviting more delight into your life?

Yes, I know there are some things we would rather not do, but all need to do. This is the daily mundane, that are also a crucial part of life. The good news is that, simply by accepting the mundane, we can also bring greater delight even to the mundane. Now that is something to smile about!

The practice of using delight as a barometer goes far beyond saying yes or no to certain commitments. It also helps us to actively make better choices where and when we can, without being self-absorbed or selfish.

Such as… choosing uplifting conversations, rather than gossiping, moaning or putting ourselves or any other person down.

Delight reminds us to devote ourselves to people and projects that inspire rather than tire.

Delight asks us to sit in the sunshine and eat a nourishing meal on our lunch break, rather than wolfing down a packet of something in the car

Whether you realise it or not, you are one very precious woman, who deserves a life with delight.





Because then you have the energy and more peace of mind, enabling you to bring your best to the world. From this space of greater tranquility, you can also delight and serve where you are truly needed. Your gifts are so needed and your uniqueness can never be replaced.

 Until next time,

Have a delightful day,